LENNE ziemas komplekts zēnu ROBIN 2314 (86, 92 cm)
116.90  ar PVN (21%) Izvēlēties variāciju

LENNE ziemas komplekts zēnu ROBIN 2314 (86, 92 cm)

116.90  ar PVN (21%)

Weatherproof kit for every winter activity.

A jacket with a nice pattern is the warmest winter lining. Pants with adjustable braces allow the set to be adjusted to the child’s growth. The higher waist part of the pants keeps the child’s back warm even during a big game. The design uses reflective details that make the child visible even in the dark winter. The hood attached with hooks is safe because it comes off the product when it gets stuck. The winter set has adjustable and removable leg rubbers that keep the leg part firmly on the shoe.

The upper part of the product is Active and the lower part is made of ActivePlus fabric. A waterproof membrane has been added to the high-tech fabric, which prevents the passage of water into the product, but at the same time allows the moisture generated inside the product to evaporate. ◆Water resistance: water column height 5000/10000 mm ◆Breathability: vapor permeability 5000/10000 g/m2/24h ◆Wind resistance: air permeability 0 l/m2s ◆Water repellency and non-staining: DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment on the surface of the fabric

The WARMEST ⁑⁑ insulation is suitable for wearing even in very cold weather. The breathable materials do not make the child sweat, but the product is still warm enough to enjoy the winter weather without any worries. Suitable for use at temperatures of -20..-5°C and when using the corresponding base layers also at temperatures up to -30°C.

The soft fur added to the ends of the sleeves, the collar and the hood is an irreplaceable detail for outerwear, because the child’s delicate skin does not rub against the processed and strong outer fabric. Since the pleats of crocheted sleeves are uncomfortable against the body, prefer this unique solution.

Loop for attaching the reflector.

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86 cm, 92 cm